Anne and William Hedenkamp

Anne and William Hedenkamp Elementary School

Hedenkamp Elementary School is the 40th elementary school in the Chula Vista Elementary School District.  In opened in September 2003.  Hedenkamp now is the home of nearly 1000 students and over 55 staff members.

Hedenkamp is extremely proud of the academic achievements of its students and is most proud of our commitment to the service of others as exemplified by the Hedenkamps.  Hedenkamp is a place where the emphasis is on students and the helping of others.

Take a look at the links below to learn more about Anne Hedenkamp and the “Beginnings” of Hedenkamp Elementary School.

Anne Hedenkamp Memorial

Anne & William Hedenkamp; Beginnings

32 responses to “Anne and William Hedenkamp

  1. oh yeah,we are a band

  2. i love school =)

  3. Nice website but I don’t see any information on anti-bullying. This is a serious problem nationwide and still happens in EVERY school. Please post information on Hedenkamp’s anti-bullying policy and how this is still implemented and integrated into the students’ school lives.

  4. School is fun how can kids not like school! <;

  5. my visits here were the best.

  6. It is a very good thing that I go to Hedenkamp.

  7. I love Hedenkamp and all of the teachers. I especially love those who teach Gate and Ensemble. I love this school not because the teachers ( well that is one part) , but for all the after school activities. All the teachers take all there time of there busy schedule to teach us new things and take care of us. Even PTA does that. This is the best school i have been to!

  8. Omg!i love Hedenkamp

  9. Hey.. Every one i love Hedenkamp its the best school in Chula Vista.. I like this school cause all the teachers are very nice and you have very good friends

  10. omg i love this school :]

  11. yeah almost back 2 school

  12. Yeah, almost starting Ensemble!

  13. Fifth grade is awesome

  14. i ♥ the school


  16. i ❤ HEDENKAMP!!!!!

  17. Great information about the history of the school, and the Hedenkamp family. Thank you for introducing us to WordPress, also!

  18. yes 3 weeks off of school!!!!!

  19. i love hedenkamp

  20. Aubrea Espinoza

    I loved it there

  21. Vanessa Madarang

    Is there any extra curricular activity after school? any sports?

  22. Are the remaining School Spirit days listed anywhere?

  23. i love Hedenkamp

  24. i cant wait to go to school

  25. I remember going to this school in 2010-2011 when I was in 5th grade. I learned a couple of things there like how you eat first and then you play second, but it was the opposite back then or a long time ago. Remember this elementary school at 17, almost 18 on January 26 of this month. I used to not like one of the teachers who used to work there who still probably goes by the name Mrs. Gunter. I didn’t like school and still don’t really like it, but I still remember more of the good memories than the bad memories. I can’t believe Mrs. Deguzman is still there after so long when I remembered that she too was teaching in the 5th. Staff, tell her she can email me if possible, Email:

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